Spirituality of relationships

Spirituality has to do with fundamental choices that shape our lives and therefore, to a great extent, our world.

Our spirituality radically affects the way we see and choose to live life, a choice that comes from our inner spirit or core of our being.

A fundamental choice presumes an awareness of the world's situation, of its needs and challenges, so that the choice is a response to that situation. It also presumes an awareness of our own capabilities, inclinations and possibilities.

When a fundamental choice is made, what is at stake is not only our own destiny, but also the destiny of others. Through our own personal choice, we condition others, all those around us and, to a certain extent, all humanity.

Through this choice we express in our lives the value others have for us; we express the degree to which we give our lives for others, or perhaps make use of others to satisfy our own ambitions, or even ignore them.

A fundamental choice brings with it a 'way of being' - a combination of convictions, attitudes, criteria for acting and relating, behaviour and ways of facing reality - which characterise the person and at the same time bring about a unity of life.